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Answer :

CITYBAZARONLINE is an online marketplace to connect buyers with retailers. It does not provide assurance of product quality on behalf of listed retailers However, we provide the buyer with multiple options of retailers to choose from. We recommend you to connect with multiple retailers and then choose the most suitable one.

Answer :

Here you exactly know who owns the product to be bought and its local which can be visited physically also which is not possible in case of e-commerce. Transparent connection between seller and customer ensure fraud proof shopping.

Answer :

Customer will get the test of shopping in the city with its online presence. There are some added advantages as listed below-

1 You can choose the product without going to the market, which will save you a lot of time.

2 Products from entire city shops will be shown online 24x7x365 days.

3 You can compare on several grounds before going to market.

4 Because you know the address of the seller, you can experience fraud-free shopping.

5 You can share the products with anyone along with product photos and full details.

6 You can follow a shop where you shop frequently, so that they can share the latest information with you.

7 You can see daily market updates.

8 If you want to buy a product later, then you can select and save it.

9 You can keep an account of your expenses.

10 It makes you aware about city market just like shopping search engine.