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About Us

CityBazar online शहरी बाज़ार ऑनलाइन अवतार

We are here to provide you with this user friendly platform where you can have pleasures of online shopping along with authentication and physicality of conventional shopping. This platform provides user with ease of exploring any market from home, search required product, make best deals possible and buy it as per their convenience offline.

  • Convenience : No hassles of traffic, flexibility of timings, shop is open 24x7.
  • Better Price : Cheap deals and better prices are available online. Plus, it's easier to compare prices and find a better deal.
  • More variety : The choices online are amazing. You can find almost any brand or item you're looking for. Greater selection of colors and sizes than available at local disposal.
  • Better control on money spent : when you opt for conventional shopping, you may land up into spending a lot more than planned and end up buying something not as desired initially. This platform overcomes this limitation as you can compare and search desired product and not allow store\'s inventory to dictate what you buy. Hence this platform for sure leads to more satisfying shopping experience.
  • Planning and mapping your shopping : People residing in towns and villages opting to visit nearby city for shopping can plan and map their shopping at home. It saves time and minimizes mental & physical fatigue.
  • More authentic ,less fraud : As you purchase products from your trusted, local and well known shopkeepers, after assuring the quality and service options ,there are chances you feel less cheated as happens often in online shopping.

Benefits to sellers are as elaborated :

  • Wider platform : shopkeepers get a platform to compete with online shopping displaying better quality of products with comparable pricing.
  • Bigger consumer spectrum : shopkeepers can have access to large number of consumers offering them better deals and convincing opportunities.
  • Inventory selection : shopkeepers can decide and modify their inventory depending upon local needs and local competition.
  • Online Showroom : shopkeepers can display their product with availability of virtually unlimited space hence overcoming the compulsion to have big showroom displays.
  • Make your presence from anywhere : enthusiastic budding businessman can make their presence in local market with lesser initial investment cost.

This wonderful platform with its inclusiveness supports local shopkeepers generating more employment opportunities ,satisfies consumers with technology shopping, dreams to contribute to the stable economy of our nation.

We provide here virtually all benefits of online shopping except online delivery feature which shall be included soon in our services.